In his latest installment of the wildly popular Dirk Pitt adventure series, Clive Cussler reveals the origin story of his rugged hero in “Dirk Pitt Revealed.” Long-time fans will welcome this intimate look at the early life and influences that shaped the infamous globetrotting marine explorer.

The novel opens with a young Dirk Pitt saving his father’s struggling air transport business by venturing into the wild Alaskan bush to salvage plane wreckage. This early mission highlights the resourcefulness, courage, and ingenuity that will become hallmarks of Pitt’s character. Through a series of flashbacks, Cussler illustrates Pitt’s upbringing as the son of a U.S. Senator, his education at the Air Force Academy, and his early years in the military.

Cussler’s prose vividly depicts the people and experiences that molded Pitt into the stoic man of action so familiar to readers. We gain insights into his engineering talents, love of classic automobiles, and maverick attitude that often put him at odds with authority figures. The free-spirited joie de vivre that charms so many of the women in Pitt’s life is seen even in his youth.

Hardcore fans may find the pulpy action scenes subdued in favor of extensive backstory. But Cussler deftly peels back the layers on his protagonist while laying the foundations for future adventures. “Dirk Pitt Revealed” ultimately provides satisfying perspective on this celebrated literary character. Long-time devotees and newcomers alike will savor this intimate look at the early years of the man who would become a high-seas legend.

Inside Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt Revealed you’ll find: the prologue to Clive Cussler’s next exciting Dirk Pitt novel! An exclusive interview with Clive Cussler – including the evolution of the Dirk Pitt novels and the close ties between Cussler and his hero. “The Reunion” – an original short story in which Cussler crashes NUMA’s twenty-year reunion and reminisces with Dirk Pitt and all his favorite characters. A brief synopsis of every Dirk Pitt novel, including why Pacific Vortex! – not The Mediterranean Caper – should be considered the first Pitt novel. A concordance for the Dirk Pitt novels – complete A-Z listings of every major character, car, ship, aircraft, weapon, locale, and more. Complete with rare photos, dedications, the Clive Cussler car collection, and advanced Dirk Pitt trivia, Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt Revealed contains a mother lode of information every fan will treasure.”

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